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Assuming that you had already installed the nasm and gcc under the windows.
Write the bellow source files and save them,
And in the command shell execute bellow commands to compile link and run.


global _WinMain@16
extern _MessageBoxA@16

[section .data]
title db "Message",0
message db "Hellow World!",0

[section .code]
	push 0
	push title
	push message
	push 0
	call _MessageBoxA@16

compile and run:

J:\EXERCISES\Assembly\win32_message_box>nasm -f elf message_box.asm

J:\EXERCISES\Assembly\win32_message_box>gcc -o message_box.exe -mwindows messag_box.o



assuming J:\Exercises\assembly\win32_message_box is your source code directory.and nasm and gcc
had already installed on your computer.

and finally hit message_box.exe in the shell or go to the folder that contain source files and double click
the message_box.exe file.

happy coding!


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