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{September 13, 2011}   Mr Mervin Silva Today Made Our Country 1000 Steps Font To the Advanced Civilization

I really hate to write political suff in my tech blog, This is the one and only blog that I was maintaining for my pure tech interests.


But today he owned it because what he have done.If I didn’t write this on my blog then it’s not fair thing. Because I felt this is too important and this is a big step [1000 steps] forward to a advanced civilization.

whatever he done today is going thousand steps forward to the direction where civilization getting advanced. So we should respect him and if we didn’t show respect then that means we not belongs to that advanced socieaty.

1. Thousands of Animal lives were saved.

2. The ppl who doing sin and who enjoying that inicident were saved from doing that sin.

3. The next generation and the whole chain of generations after that who will come there and do the same sin , are saved as well.

4. The new ppl who will follow this and become vicitims to this have been saved.

This is a big forward step to the direction that civilization going advanced. Good Luck and long live Mervin Silva sir, today you proved you owned that ‘sir’. I alologize I’m a person who never refer you with the word ‘sir’.Sir , now you are not a member of Avanced civilization , you are a leader for us and the civilization too.


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